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 News Team Recruiting

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PostSubject: News Team Recruiting   Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:30 pm

Image by: Trister

There are lots of ways to help the 13th grow and be entertaining. One way is to be part of the News Team. If you enjoy producing content, whether it be writing, videos, graphics, or be a source of information, this might be an opportunity for you to give back in making the 13th a better, more entertaining place.

If you are interested in joining, then Private Message me which position you are interested in.

Any questions you may have, post below.

Some information on available positions:
Editors: Produce content. Whether it be typed out, a video, graphics or a combination of these. Ideally would like to have at least 1 for at least each Division.

Graphic Artists: Aid the Editors in creating garphics for their content.

Sources: Provide Editors with information about your "area". Areas such as your unit (squad, platoon, battalion, division, SS, CE) or something you are knowledgable or have interests in. Ideally would like to have at least 1 for at least each Division.
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News Team Recruiting

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