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 A DICE Mod explains why there isn't mod support

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PostSubject: A DICE Mod explains why there isn't mod support   Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:54 pm

Below is a copy of a forum post I found this morning on the BF3 PC forums. Apparently, to mod on the Frostbite engine, you need a LOT of different programs to optimize everything. Sounds complex to me Razz

DarkLord7854 wrote:
McTash wrote:
It doesn't look like Frostbite 2 was designed with modding in mind. It supports a wide variety of genres. This presentation from DICE shows the build process for a frostbite 2 game:

To my laymans eye it seems that there are a lot of build steps that are highly optimized and require a multitude of tools to support the build process. I'm not sure how you would get past the need for these tools in order to release mod tools.


Building just a map requires jumping between ~20-30 different programs, and that doesn't even take into account the process of getting it into the game to test/play it, which requires the game source as everything is highly optimized and packaged for incredibly low loading times, despite the massive size of the map data and assets.

Everything, down to the way the game is compiled, is built and optimized for maximum performance.

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A DICE Mod explains why there isn't mod support

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