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 Here is a question for you

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Site Member

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PostSubject: Here is a question for you   Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:28 am

Hi guys.

Im thinking about joining your site, but after going through your website i see a lot of blank fields in my list of questions.

1. It shows that you are operating with ranks in the 13th, but not possible to see the roster of the people with the ranksystem included?

2. Are you a realism platoon, or is it your goal to work towards that in the future?

3. Is medals included in your "rank" system ?

4. Do you create profile uniforms with ranks/medals/ribbons/badges ect for each member?

5. Are you competetive in the bf3 section?

6. How is your COC build?

7. do you train your officers to prepare them for the jobs expected for them ?

For any further questions you can contact me on bf3 battlog maydaydk
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Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: Here is a question for you   Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:38 am

1) There isn't a public roster for ranks, other than checking each member profile. Although the memberlist shows active members.

2)Realism goes as far as structure, not really any further

3)At the moment we have no awards system

4)No, not at the moment, although as you can see it does show rank on member's posts

5)Depends which platform, I know for sure PS3 and PC are, I think Xbox could be as well

6)I need further clarification on what you mean

7)Officers are only awarded that position on merit, from good conduct, but there is an extra thing for people to read as they move higher up the CoC
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PostSubject: Re: Here is a question for you   Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:13 pm

Thanks for the reply Gunny.

I'd like to add some information for 6) and 7)
The Officer ranks can't be achieved by regular membership.
Other ranks are linked to behaviour and joindate, but Officerranks are only granted when the member exceeds the expectations. If there is need for additional Officers in the division of the member, he can receive a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant (first Officer rank).

The COC construction is described in the Bootcamp Manual. Every squad has a Squad leader, who responds to the Platoon leader, who responds to the Division Leader, who responds to the Commanding Officer (thebronxbomber).
There are also additional Staff Officers (like myself) with specific jobs (such as Server managing (COI))
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PostSubject: Re: Here is a question for you   

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Here is a question for you

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