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 2012: A Year in Review

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PostSubject: 2012: A Year in Review   Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:16 pm

Image by: Endrane

While you watch the clocks zip forward into the new year, let us take a look at what has transpired in 2012!

January: We kicked off the New Year with the second Falcons vs Crusaders Event. The Falcons won this encounter but not without fierce competition from the Crusaders!

February: In February the 13th MEU ran two big events. The Chaos Cup, which was a SQDM-style tournament for the Battlefield Division's PS3 units, was won in a very exciting, and close, match by the Warlords! Toward the end of the month, the Free Play Division hosted and executed Operation Kingfish, which turned out to be a success with well over 30 members in attendance.

March: We increased the amount of slots in our Teamspeak server and added two new Officers into our Officer Corps.

April: We had our most active month, April, adding in 213 new registered users, 414 new topics, and 8312 new posts! Unfortunately, the trend which peaked in April 2012 has been on a little slump recently because at the end of this month, we had lost our domain.

May: The 13th MEU oversaw a set of Assassination Games in which the winner, Supersceptile (Quack), won by...not playing?! Its true, he was unable to be knifed for the length of the game Cool Read about it in the topic linked above.

June: The members in the 13th MEU, as well as gamers all across the world, watched in anticipation the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (otherwise known as E3) which gave us a preview and firsthand look at new and soon-to-be releases such as the new Call of Duty: Black OPs II, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Halo 4, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Far Cry 3, ARMA III, etc.

July: The 13th MEU turned three on July 21st!

August: Battlefield Division's PC unit, in the middle of the excitement of the Olympic Games raging on, decided to host its own Olympic Games. The events brought members from all over the globe together for hours and was broadcast live for our other members to watch! August also saw a whole class of Officers commissioned.

September: September saw the conclusion of our BF3 PC Recruitment Drive with Deathdealerrr winning by a considerable margin.

October: Boo! BF3 PC hosted Zombie Night for Halloween. BF3 PS3 held its Double Trouble Combat tournament. The event was held in SQDM-style, two players-per team, with two rounds, an A and B round, going on simultaneously. Thanks to Wolverine_DK for the footage and congratulations to Wolverine_DK (again) and Dreamon988 for winning!

November: In the Thanksgiving spirit, our Free Play Division hosted the Battlefield 1942: Thanksgiving event. Battlefield 1942, in celebration of the Battlefield franchise's 10th anniversary, was made available free of cost.

December: December saw the retrieval of our domain. Also conducted were the annual 13th MEU Awards. Congratulations to all the winners, but the biggest awards given out were the Squad of the Year Award, awarded to the Falcons Squad, and of course, our Member of the Year Award. Congratulations Blakhole on winning--well deserved!

I am very grateful for all the new members that have joined, the 10-15+ servers the clan's membership have provided, all the events hosted, and last but certainly not least, all the fun in between!

And now here's totalwarrior680's review of 2012 for he and his unit, and an outlook for the upcoming 2013 year:
totalwarrior6780 wrote:
The Warlords squad have had its ups and downs throughout its existance. From the founding in BC2 to the modern day group the squad has come a large way and to some extent changed completley.

2012 has been a big year for the Warlords which has seen everything change. The Chaos CUp was won by the Warlords 3-1. There was the double trouble combat and most of all we had gained so many new members. This could not have been done alone special thanks should go to Awulle, from SM he has distinguished himself especially and from 2013 onward will be the new SL. This squad has proved to be great and im sure that in 2013 will prove an amazing year to the Warlords especially.

I would like to use this final message to thank the following people. Death-Founder of the Warlords- All Warlord originals especially Shocky,Shogun,Austynn, Jaeger. I along with them are the only originals in the clan- Shocky-SL for many months and kept the squad alive. Also sadly mekline. Yes we need to thank him Razz. And most of all Bronx.

HERES TO 2013 Very Happy

And here's a review of 2012 from Deathdealerr, who's been with the Falcons for BF3 since day one:
Deathdealer96 wrote:
Well it's been an interesting year for the Falcons. The transition into the new year saw member levels dip as Battlefield 3 aged. We would even struggle to get 3 at a practice. However, we all put in a big effort and members began to come in. One of these, was Blakhole. I can't speak highly enough of him. A great player, a great laugh and a great friend. Slowly we built up a good group of friends and have now grown to be one of the biggest squads, and are humbled and delighted to accept your votes for squad of the year.

The Olympics and Zombies are particular highlights of the year.

Personally, I would like to thank Trister, Sryan, Th3azn, Deez, AppleGrande, Blackie, Saphix, Viking, BagdadCowboy, blackborn, basfietser and all the Falcons for making 2012 special.

Finally, thanks to the Crusaders, we like to have some friendly banter with you, but from the Falcons, thanks.